Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Giving Thanks

Okay, I've written all the gory details.  Now I want to thank everyone who helped us during this time.

First of all, I want to recount that recently I've been remembering a doctor telling me and my family that the only way I would get better was to eat, and that I would decide whether I got sicker first or not.  I asked Greg who it was that said it, and he wasn't sure.  Well, upon talking with my mom last weekend, I found out that it was my GI doctor.  Fucking asshole.  Seriously.  Oh yes, gee, I would really love to feel sicker.  How about we try that?  I really am not eating just for the hell of it.  I think I'll do it a little longer, see what happens.

So anyway, my first thanks goes to my mom, who begged the GI doctors to find out why I wasn't eating.  They finally performed some x-rays and found that I was full of shit.  Literally.  So full of shit that I couldn't eat.  Seriously.  So, we took care of that.  (Fun fun!)  Thanks, mom.

I'd like to thank my mom, dad, and my in-laws for being at the hospital with me when I had my c-section, and for visiting me while I was in the hospital.  Thank you for your love and support

I'd like to especially thank my sister, who was also there during my c-section and visited frequently, and stayed with me a whole day so that my sweet husband could go home and rest.  I didn't want to be alone in the hospital, so she came.  Thank you.  I really appreciate that.

I also want to thank my parents, parents-in-law, and sister for all of their work at our house: taking care of the dog, setting up the changing table, cleaning paint drips off the floor in the baby's room, washing all of our baby clothes, getting the mail, and probably more.

Thank you to my grandma, who watched my little brother while my mom was at the hospital.

Thank you to my little brother for being absolutely adorable.  On Thanksgiving, he said he was thankful for James.  He's only seen the baby a few times, but he wishes it were more.  He wants to teach the baby kickball this summer.

Thank you to everyone who visited me, including my former pastor, several co-workers, friends, and family.  Also thanks to the Thanksgiving visitors, who finally got to meet James for the first time.  Colds prevented them from visiting sooner.  We're so happy you finally got to meet him!!  :-)

Thank you for everyone who has given gifts or sent cards.  I still haven't gotten the thank you cards out yet!!  But please know that your gifts are very much appreciated, and I really looked forward to getting the mail!

Thanks to the friend who brought us dinner after we got home from the hospital.  My mother in law also left some food in the fridge.  Thank you.

Thank you to the people (probably hundreds, it sounds like) who held us in their thoughts/prayers.  I have a strong healthy baby because of you.  All of that positive energy went straight to James!!

Thank you to the nurses who cared for me.  Nearly all of them were very caring and friendly and took very good care of me.

Thank you to Dr. Twombley for being caring and kind.  Someone told me that even when she wasn't at the hospital, she was watching my labs from her home. She also knew that I wanted a natural and was sympathetic, and told me that I should be able to try VBAC next time.

Thank you to my two wonderful doulas (I had a back-up doula). Even though they weren't able to be at the birth, they followed up with me afterwards and visited me after I got home from the hospital.  They have been so encouraging and positive to me, and have given me really great advice.  I really needed that, and I appreciate all of your help. 

Thank you to my midwife, who took me on as a client late in my pregnancy, even though she had several moms already due in November.

And, saving the best for last, thanks to my absolutely wonderful, amazing husband.  He went through about 4 weeks of hell with me and stayed with me every night in the hospital.  He is a great husband and loving father, and I am so lucky to have him in my life.  I love him so much.

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